• Non-metal crowns on teeth and implants (e.max, prettau, zirconia, alumina)

  • Metal-ceramic crowns on teeth and implants

  • Dental upgrades (fiberglass and metal)

  • All types of acrylic and WISIL dentures

Ceramic facets


Ceramic facets ( or veneers ) are nowadays the most popular aesthetic interventions in dentistry. The veneers  are small, thin plates that are minimally invasive or not at all ( so called no- prep veneers ), but with which the front surface of the teeth can be covered, thereby significantly improving the aesthetics.


A facet shapes the shape, colour and appearances of a tooth.


It is important to provide a correct indications. Disadvantages are that they can not always be built up, and the aggravating factors are patients with worn out teeth, a seal, bad habits ( biting the nails, gritting their teeth).