• Modified cutting of operations by Widman supplemented with growth protein and bone replacement in modern parodontopathy therapy

  • Removal of dental plaque

  • Tooth polishing

  • Toothblasting

  • Use of laser

  • Gingival recession therapy gums withdrawal

  • Connective tissue transplant

Tooth cleaning with powder jet (Air flow system)


Air flow system is a professional tooth cleaning technique that removes hard discoloration and microbial soft plaque deposits from the sodium bicarbonate-water air mixture. In addition, if calculus needs to be removed, the classical air flow method can be combined with hand instruments or ultrasonic scaler.


The method is very pleasant, gentle on the teeth, and the patients prefer it because the powder is applied in different fragrances and flavours, and the results of the cleaning are observed immediately.

Tartar removal


Tartar consists of dental plaque (called plaque), which has hardened by minerals from our saliva. This can be seen in both the baby and the permanent tooth. The cause can be different, genetics, diet or oral flora.


In the first line plaque leads to inflammation of the gums (gingivitis) ,then to withdrawal of the gums and ultimately to periodontitis, that is tooth decay and fall out.


For this reason, both good and regular oral hygiene is indispensable, as well as regular control to prevent plaque formation. A visit to the dentist should be made every 6 months.