• Orthodontic fixed devices (metal, aesthetic, self-aligning, segments)

  • Orthodontic Mobile devices

  • Orthodontic device functional M block

  • Orthodontic device for splitting the palatal suture  

  • Fixed retention

  • ​Retention foil


Orthodontics is considered to be the youngest dental discipline that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of irregularities on the tooth, face or jaw in elderly or younger patients.


Prevention also takes place within the scope of this discipline the aim being to provide the optimal conditions for normal growth and to remove the disturbing factors ( sucking the thumb, lip, tongue, blanket, breathing through the mouth, preventing tooth loss ).


Therapy is the use of many fixes as well as mobile devices, which favour a normal tooth growth by applying pressure.


Normally, a fixed device for upper and lower jaw is recommended for a period of 2 to 2 and half years.


It is important to carry out regular checks. If this is not the case, a longer treatment could be needed.


To keep the teeth in the desired position, you need retainer, until it comes to tooth stability. The aim of the whole is a health improvement and an aesthetic look.