Repair and filling of teeth with modern aesthetic materials

Tooth whitening


With the so-called dental bleaching you can lighten the discoloured teeth. Ideal for patient with natural and healthy teeth.


We distinguish bleaching at home or in practice.


In our practice we used an Opalescence Boost Gel, from an American company Ultradent. The technique with which the gel is applied is very simple. The gel is applied 2×20 min, during which time the  patient can be relaxed. The technique is painless and gentle on the teeth.


The result can be seen immediately, which the effect of the gel increasing in the next few days.


It is important to keep the expectations realistic and not be charmed by any ads, because the teeth are not Hollywood knows. Should the patient consider it necessary, you can book a dental bleaching appointment or simply continue the treatment at home.


Bleaching agent for home use consists of specially adapted dental splint in which to apply this gel. The rail should be left on for a few hours during the day. The gel can have different concentrations and the duration of the application depends on it. This method is slower but less invasive and the concentration is lower. The result is visible after a few days.


This is gentle on the teeth and even strengthens the enamel and prevents caries formation. Tooth may show little or no sensitivity to the gel.


It is important to follow the instructions of the dentist. The first half hour is no food or drink to enjoy. During the first 24 hours the patient should not consume the following: coffee, Coca-Cola, tea, cigarettes, red wine. You should also use  no coloured mouthwash or toothpaste.


The duration of bleaching is individual and depends on the habits of life. Regular scaling or air-flow technique will help your teeth stay white longer.


In pregnancy or lactation, a whitening is not recommended.

Plastic filling

Dentistry progresses in every segment day by day.

This trend keeps on going as well in restorative dentistry, where we have

made great progress in the field of aesthetic materials.

Today for example, we have a wide selection of composite fillings in the

aesthetic dentistry, so-called white seals. Wide range of colours allows

each patient to find what fits his teeth. White artificial fillings can be

applied lower and upper jaw teeth as well as to affected by tooth decay

are treated.