Endodontics translates as “treating the inside of the tooth- dental pulp” and refers to a section of dentistry that serves to preserve diseased teeth.

More specifically, endodontics attaches to the root canal. The most common reason for dental treatment is long-term tooth decay. In addition, you often see a trauma tooth fracture or infection. Symptoms of a patient visiting a dentist are pain, swelling, cold-warm reaction, biting pain or a fistula.


Endodontic surgery is performed in a local anaesthesia and is above all painless.


The relief and healing can be done on the first visit, but usually the patients need several treatments appointments with the dentist.


For mechanical treatment, manual or mechanical needles are used, while for the root canal rinsing, a disinfectant solution is used to prepare the root for filling.


The most important thing in the procedure is to take care of the oral bacteria, whose growth must be prevented and only then will the treatment be successful.


During the regular visits to the dentist, a tooth decay can be noticed and then prevented.