Pediatric dentistry is part of dentistry related to children, from their birth to the ages of 15 and 18 respectively. The aim of this dentistry is prevention and the maintenance of your health from the earliest childhood, as well as the treatment of pathological events.

Because of the fact that the teeth of the youngest with early caries are affected, it is important for the dentist to take a basic approach.


Various individual measures such as a balanced improvement in oral health, professional use of fluorides as well as various agents for the remineralization of the teeth have contributed to the maintenance of dental health.


The dentist treats the patient in different phases of physical, mental and emotional development.Therefore it is important that you make the first contacts at the age of one year so that you can build up the trust that is the basic requirement for success in dental interventions.


The early appearance of caries on the posterior teeth, due to the characteristic morphology of the occlusal surfaces, can be prevented with seals.

This is one of the most effective methods in caries prevention together with regular checks every 6-12 months.